About Us

As the popular saying goes; "You can take the girl out of Africa, but you can't take Africa out of the girl". Yes, that's me!

I am constantly visiting our homeland with my beautiful daughter every year. The purpose of our visits is to embed in her the richness of African soil, culture, history and more. Africa is a land of natural resources, which makes the continent blessed. Wherever you go around the globe, a piece of Africa can be found there. Africa is front and center when it comes to its natural resources and one does not have to physically be there to experience the unique richness.

We strive to bring our valued customers abroad the unique treasures from Mother Africa. We have authentic natural richness that cannot be found anywhere. Sika Unique Print brings you handmade products like authentic Kente from the Ashanti Region, genuine Beads from Manya-Krobo Ghana, and all kinds of goodies.

We are glad you have decided to join our journey in decking yourselves in the richness of Africa. These are genuine products directly from the motherland, Africa.

Thank you for supporting us